Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Bursaries for Museums Australasia Joint Conference 2016 in Auckland CLOSING SOON

Ato Teu (Decorative Bag), Fakaofo, Tokelau. Purchased Auckland Museum 1970 AM 43814.
Woven using the new shoots of the coconut leaves  usually used by women as a handbag,
or presented by them as gifts to visitors.

PACK THOSE BAGS: it's going to be an exciting conference

The Tasmanian Branch of Museums Australia is offering not just two bursaries but FOUR $2000 bursaries for people to attend the Museums Australasia Joint Conference in May 2016. The bursaries are available to people working in museums and galleries within Tasmania (unpaid and paid).

Two of the bursaries are supported by Museums Australia, and are only available to financial members of that organisation (see previous blog post). For institutional members, only one person per institution may apply for funding, but individual financial members working within those institutions may apply in their own right.

The other two bursaries are supported by the Minister for the Arts through Arts Tasmania. They are open to all Tasmanian museum and gallery workers (limited to one application per museum, gallery or institution).

For details on how to apply and application forms, click on the links below.

Applications close Friday, 29 January 2016.

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