Friday, 10 February 2017

Theatre in Museums Workshop: a report and free resource

Participants enjoying MAT's Theatre in Museum Workshop 
This post brings you a brief report on our latest workshop and links to a free educational resource. Please feel free to use the comments section on the blog to share your thoughts on working with actors (local or imported) to enliven museum spaces. These photographs show the entertaining and educational session for those participants in attendance at the Theatre in Museums Workshop by Michael Mills of HeapsGood Productions on Saturday 21 January at the Queen Victoria Museum. Through MAT Committee Member Belinda Cotton and MAT's ongoing collaboration with Arts Tasmania's 'Making Museums Work' series of professional development workshops we were able to bring the skills and expertise of an experienced performer to our members and other museum workers. 

Melissa Smith and Michael Mills
Michael’s museum characters, the singing paleontologist Professor Flint and Peron the Naturalist made an ‘appearance’ and were totally captivating as storytellers. The workshop was a wonderful insight to how theatre can help the audience engage with, and as a process have a better understanding of collections and exhibitions through this interpretative delivery/medium.

Melissa Smith, Arts Tasmania Roving Curator

Museum theatre: a free resource

Dance in the gaps between the things we know, ensuring that where we do know things, they remain immutable. 
Michael Mills, museum theatre performer

Museum Theatre can be is a great tool in your armory of engaging audiences and finding new pathways for research through their interest. As Michael says every artefact can be unpacked in multiple ways and after asking 'what is it?' continue to ask what it was for everyone it touched--the inventor, the makers, the users, the victims and the beneficiaries.

Michael Mills is a very experienced performer who is passionate about combining his knowledge of theatre with an understanding of museum collections and the stories they can tell. Michael has been generous in preparing and sharing a FREE resource to help you better understand Museum Theatre. © MICHAEL MILLS 2017 yet ready to enjoy. Click on the title below

The 2017 HeapsGood Guide to Museum TheatreProfessor Flint

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The International Museum Theatre Alliance-Asia Pacific are a group of professionals dedicated to sharing our thoughts on Museum Theatre practices. A Special Interest
Group of Museum’s Galleries Australia, ask to join) if you’ve not already…

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