Tuesday, 18 April 2017

10-year Roadmap for better Indigenous involvement in museums and galleries

Terri Janke and staff

Museums Galleries Australia has announced via a media release that it will be working with the highly regarded consultancy of Terri Janke and Company on a landmark project for the cultural sector. 

Developing a 10-year Roadmap for better Indigenous involvement in museums and galleries. 

The project will focus on two main areas – how Indigenous cultures and histories are represented in museums and galleries across the country, and the employment and training of Indigenous people in these institutions. Funded by the Australian government through the Department of Communication and the Arts’ Catalyst—Australian Arts and Culture Fund, Alex Marsden, national director, says this ambitious project has been years in the making. “We have listened, learned and responded to the ideas and advice of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous museum and gallery workers, and leaders across the broad arts and culture sector. They have said we need solid data to understand the current situation, to look at what works, both here and overseas, and then we can collectively make a plan for change.” She adds that the project is fundamental to their role as the national membership association in providing responsive leadership, setting standards and giving guidance. “We have such enthusiastic support from our members, especially the leading national and state museums, and hope that the Roadmap process will also strengthen relationships between the hundreds of volunteer-run smaller museums and galleries and their local communities.” 

Terri Janke, lead Consultant, said her team was excited to be selected to undertake the project. “We will examine the current practices of Indigenous engagement and consult the sector on future possibilities. This project is a dream job. I am so looking forward to hearing from people in the cultural sector and listening to their concerns, challenges and visions for the future. I am particularly interested in the perspectives from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and their suggestions for closer engagement with the Museum and Gallery sector.” Museums Galleries Australia believes that all Australians as well as international visitors will benefit from experiencing a deeper and more representative range of Indigenous arts and culture.

Contact: Alex Marsden 0478 881 091 Terri Janke 02 9693 2577

Terri Janke and Company is proudly 100% Indigenous owned and managed working to empower clients to achieve success in business and innovation. Its expertise includes Commercial Law and Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP). Founded in April 2000, the firm has been operating for over 16 years. It has worked with Indigenous organisations and entrepreneurs, corporates, and government organisations. The company works nationally and internationally. A Certified Supplier with Supply Nation, and over half the team are Indigenous. The law firm is owned by Solicitor Director, Terri Janke, who is both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Terri Janke and Company is an award winning law firm including the Supply Nation Special Recognition Award in 2015. The company is an approved supplier on a number of government panels including the Attorney General’s Legal Services Multi-Use List.

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