Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Museum Standards Program

Arts Tasmania hosts the Museum Standards Program to assist museums, collections and galleries in Tasmania. The Program is a series of online workbooks with links to practical and good resources to help your museum streamline your internal processes and improve your offer to the visiting public. 

If you can answer YES to these questions you can register for the program
  •          Do you manage a collection of movable cultural heritage objects?
  •          Are you based in Tasmania?
  •          Is your museum legally constituted or incorporated?
  •          Does your museum have an ABN (Australian Business Number)?
  •          Is the museum open regular hours to the public? 

Working through the materials will be helpful, connect you to other museum professionals and is free of charge! If you can answer yes to the following questions you too are able to register your museum, gallery or site for the program.

Any museum until the end of June 2018 can participate in the program. The Roving Curators (Melissa, Veronica and Liz) aim to give any group who participates in the program three days of their time for free, including a visit to work together on what the museum has already accomplished and their priorities for the future. The first point of contact is Elizabeth Bondfield as the program coordinator. 

Turn up your speakers to hear Elizabeth talk about the Program. You can watch it within blogger or watch it full screen by clicking on the banner to the right of the green face.

Tasmanian Museum Standards Program from Museums Tasmania on Vimeo.

The Pilot Group

A Pilot Group of museums have started the process. Their responses to it will shape the future Museum Standards Program. Here is a full list of the brave piloteers. 

*Staff from these museums were interviewed and these little AVS can be seen at this blog post.

Arts Tasmania are very keen to receive feedback on the experiences of any group that registers.

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