Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The Tasmanian Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register--Apply now

Arts Tasmania and Screen Tasmania draw their assessment panels from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register. They are seeking expressions of interest from people engaged within the arts, cultural heritage and screen sectors to join the register now.
It is important to all artists that a broad range of views (from people from different artforms, level of practice, locations and cultural backgrounds) are represented on their assessment processes.

People who are approved for inclusion on the register and invited to participate in assessment receive payment for their time. They are not excluded from applying to Arts Tasmania and Screen Tasmania programs.

What is the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register?
New legislation was introduced in 2017 changing the way Arts Tasmania and Screen Tasmania assess funding applications. Assessment panels will now be drawn from the Cultural Creative Industries Expert Register. Screen Tasmania will also convene a standing panel from the register called the Screen Tasmania Expert Advisory Group.

Who can be on the register?
People working or engaged within the arts and screen sectors are encouraged to put forward an expression of interest. We are seeking a broad range of candidates in terms of art form area, age, cultural background and career stage from artists, practitioners, administrators and other sector professionals.

How do I apply?
Fill out an expression of interest form. Once assessed, the Minister for the Arts will appoint successful applicants to the register. You will be notified by email if your expression of interest has been approved.

What would I need to do?
Experts included on the register may be invited to join a panel to assess applications in support of Arts Tasmania and Screen Tasmania programs.  The successful applicants invited to participate in assessment may be asked to:
  • attend meetings at our offices in Hobart or Launceston
  • participate in phone or video conferences
  • access and use the online assessment system
  • review electronic documents.
There is no obligation to take part in assessments if invited.

Step up and have a go. 

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