Thursday, 23 April 2020

St Helens History Room powering on

‘On Yer Bike!’ 

This article is #2 in our series about the impact of COVID19 on museums and staff. Thankyou Kym Matthews for your contribution. 

The St Helens History Room was closed to the public on Weds 25th March 2020 but we are still arranging displays for when we can have visitors again.  In the foyer cabinet display at the centre there is a tribute to Anzac Day for those residents who frequent Service Tasmania.

We are also pleased to share the latest images of the exhibition  ‘On Yer Bike!’  This display was planned for the inaugural MTB race ‘Dragon Trail’ for late March 2020 that was subsequently cancelled.  There are some beautiful historic images of locals and their bikes plus a pictorial history on the Cycling Club of St Helens.  

We have rotated another cabinet inside the museum this time where the history of the property ‘Bowood’ is on display.  Even though this important property is not within the municipal boundaries, the common thread here to St Helens is the donor, who used to reside here, and that his family brought the Midland Hunting Club to St Helens for events on the Coast. 

Keep checking  our website where we will soon be uploading the latest video via youtube for a virtual tour. 

There will be more changes to come within the museum that we will let you know about.      

Meanwhile stay home and stay well everyone…..see you on the other side!

Kym Matthews

22nd April 2020


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