Saturday, 16 January 2016

Modular display panels for sale

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LINC Tasmania is currently hosting a travelling exhibition (Scottish Diaspora Tapestries, featuring  305 embroidered tapestries telling tales of Scottish experiences) at its Reading Room at 91 Murray Street. So worth the visit!

Once the season finishes on 23 January 2016 the local exhibition coordinator (Dr Neil McGlashan) will have no further need for the impressive set of modular display panels that were crafted to display many of the tapestries. He would like to see the panels go to a good home and will sell them as a set or in segments. Open to offers!

There are two sizes:

·        approx. 115cm (width) x 180cm (Height) of which there are 9 panels
·        approx. 230cm (width) x 180cm (Height) of which there are 10 panels

Each panel is constructed of lightweight timber, painted white and have footings.  They can be configured many ways.

Neil can be contacted on 03 6229 6272 or

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