Wednesday, 1 August 2018

MOSAiC Workshops October 2018

3-day hands-on MOSAiC Workshops 


Where: Fahan School, Sandy Bay, TAS 
Times: 09:30a.m - 4:30p.m. 
When : Wed 10 Oct 2018 Data Entry & Querying 
Thurs 11 Oct 2018 Retrieval, Reporting & Exporting 
Fri 12 Oct 2018 Personalise & Customise 


Where: Arts Tasmania, Launceston, TAS 
Times: 09:30a.m - 4:30p.m. 
When : Mon 15 Oct 2018 Data Entry & Querying Tues 
16 Oct 2018 Retrieval, Reporting & Exporting Wed 
17 Oct 2018 Personalise & Customise MOSAiC 

Cost: $132.00 per person per day. The cost includes:

  • Use of a laptop for the duration of your attendance on the workshop 
  • A workbook for each day attended, showing all of the slides displayed during that day. 
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments. 

For further information or to reserve your place contact Sally-Anne at IST 
0403 832 527 

MOSAiC are collection management software tools developed by Information Services & Technologya family business based in Perth Australia. 

IST Products
Collections MOSAiC collections management system is currently installed at over 650 sites throughout Australasia - Designed for use by Museums, Historical Societies, Galleries, Libraries, Cultural Heritage Organizations, Sporting Clubs and Organisations, Schools etc., that have collections with heritage significance.  A collection is usually a combination of objects, photographs, documents, books, archives and artworks with data from associated people, places, events etc. and digitised information such as images, oral histories etc.  

MOSAiC Web provides online access to your collection over the internet, either privately or by the general public. A web site is provided for you, along with the necessary tools for transferring your data to the online database. Items, Subjects and Reference material become available for online searching, via an interface, complete with images and easy-to-follow links between related records. The content on the internet is always only a copy of the original data, which is still maintained on your local computers, thereupon being 100% accessible, even when the internet is not available. The copy on the internet is under your control and is updated / removed whenever you choose. Ownership of the data is always yours.

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