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How to build an educational or public program from scratch

Join your colleagues from the Bass Strait Maritime Centre for the AMMC Regional Workshop and AGM in Devonport Tasmania, from the 31 October  to the 1 November 2019 (travel may be required on the 30 October 2019).

The theme of the Workshop is 'How to build an Educational and Public Program from scratch'. The Workshop will feature plenty of delegate interaction and learning with a range of experienced and interesting speakers. At the end of the workshop you will be in a position to build or refresh your own programs offer.

Some of the presenters

Chloe Simons – Secondary Coordinator (Teacher) Woodbridge School Marine Discovery Centre.
Geoff Dobson - Convention and Arts Centre Director: Churchill Fellowship.
Peter Tattersall – Head of Learning Australian National Maritime Museum.
Ben Arthur - Engagement Programs Coordinator CSIRO.
Jackson Pellow - Manager Brand and Marketing, Australian National Maritime Museum.

The Workshop is a series of participatory workshops

Workshop #1 How to build a Public Program from Scratch

Speaker: Geoff Dobson
Research and Implementation in developing a public program.

Speaker: Peter Tattersall
The process of experience and public program development at the ANMM using a whole of museum approach to idea sourcing and development, as well as the set of guidelines ANMM have developed to guide their decisions. Peter will some stories of success and failure that will offer value for program development across all AMMC institutions.

General Discussion led by: Peter Tattersall, Geoff Dobson and Ben Arthur

Expect to learn: Process of constructing an overall public programming goal and creation of events and leaning opportunities to meet that goal. How to build a series of programs to connect together with goals/mission/exhibitions. What sources of funding options are there? Any strategies for getting funding for a public program?

Workshop #2 How to build an Educational Program from Scratch

Speaker: Chloe Simons
Museum education pedagogy – ideas for teaching in a day-visit setting.
• How to provide engaging learning experiences utilising museum artefacts and displays.
• Linking the museum visit with pre and post visit activities for teachers.
• Using technology in a museum setting.

Speaker: Peter Tattersall.
ANMM’s approaches to both onsite and online educational experiences. ANMM process of curriculum mapping, development, marketing and delivery. The importance on organisational direction and strategy in shaping education programs and how we report on our success to ensure support for the program.
Activity: Build Your Own Educational Program lead by Ben Arthur
Expect to learn: How to build an educational program so teachers are excited by it and bring their classes in? What sources of funding options are there? Any strategies for getting funding for an educational program?

Workshop #3 Working with the Australian National Curriculum AND
How do we connect with older (high school) students?

Speaker: Ben Arthur
The role of the Marine National Facility as a platform for marine education and training, in addition to supporting and enabling excellence in marine research. In line with the recommendations of the National Marine Science Plan, we have developed and implemented a number of educational programs over the last couple of years, targeted at both students and teachers. Ben will discuss these programs which include the Educator on Board, Floating Classroom, Collaborative Australian Postgraduate Sea-Training Alliance Network (CAPSTAN) and the Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarship. 

Speaker: Chloe Simons
• Navigating the Australian Curriculum.
• Examples of lesson plans to support a museum visit.
• Working with teenagers - Designing and presenting   experiential learning activities for students in years 7-12

Activity: Build Your Own Educational Program with the Curriculum, using same themes/programming as previous session – work with the Curriculum for a particular age group.

Activity: Explore how to tailor the programming.

Panel Discussion with Ben Arthur, Chloe Simons, Steve Reid on questions from the floor

Expect to Learn: What kind of hands-on activities do older students connect with? How do we mine the ANC for inspiration and how do we make Curriculum connections explicit and attractive for teachers? Are there strategies for how you present yourself to a high school group as opposed to (or similarly to) presenting to a primary school or general public group? Funding options?

Workshop #4: Ways of learning marketing segmentation AND
Targeting specific ways of learning in public and educational programming
Speaker: Jackson Pellow
Market Research and Outcomes for Public Programs

Speaker: Peter Tattersall 
‘Curriculum 101’ curriculum websites and forms, how to understand the structure and navigate it all.

Expect to learn: What market research has been done and the outcomes from that research. How to conduct local research and use both data sets to drive public and educational programming to meet market demand. 

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