Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Making Friends

Australian Federation of Friends of Museums

2019 Annual General Meeting


Friday 25 October

A free event

The Friends of TMAG is hosting the Australian Federation of Friends of Museums 2019 Annual General Meeting in Hobart on Friday 25 October. The AFFM invites Tasmanian museums and galleries to join them and as guests of AFFM there will be no charge for your attendance.

PROGRAM Friday 25 October 2019

10.00 am Meet at TMAG (Dunn Place Hobart). Tea & Coffee provided.

10:15 am Welcome by Janet Carding - Director of Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery AGM Meeting to be held

12.00 pm Light luncheon

1.30 pm A guided tour of the Julie Gough “Tense Past” exhibition with the curator Dr Mary Knights Free afternoon

5:30 - 7pm Drinks reception at The Maritime Museum of Tasmania (16 Argyle St Hobart) - including access to the museum

If you or others of your organisation wish to attend

They would love to see you there.

What is a Friend?

The role of a Museum Friends Group  is to support its chosen museum fulfill its mission.  Friends may advocate for the Museum or fund raise via events and programs that may be exclusive to Members or offered to the public. Friends are sometimes given discounted museum entry or their own place to  relax during a museum visit.  Friends are a close member  of a museum community.  Friends often become friends.

About The  Australian Federation of Friends of Museums 

The Australian Federation of Friends of Museums (AFFM), is a national, not for profit organisation connecting museum, gallery and library supporters throughout Australia. AFFM provides support and communication channels between members groups, friends and volunteers within arts and cultural  organisations.  It is unique in that the focus is on supporting the groups that are the backbone of our favourite museums, galleries and libraries.

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